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Jacob sheep are credited within the industry as being the most improved breed of the last 40 years, from a decorative park sheep to becoming a mainstream British breed; able to compete with the best. Jacob sheep are an ideal breed for both large and small flock keepers. Originally dating back to the Mediterranean and known to be present in England as far back as the 1750's, the British Isles now has ca. 6500 breeding sheep. Realistically lambing at 190% born alive, they are attractive, hardy and long-lived sheep, suitable for indoor lambing systems or over-wintered outside.


The flavoursome lean meat is ideally suited for the deep freeze and farm-gate sales. A vibrant Society exists to promote and improve the breed, whether in the show ring at most major shows or for crossing with any terminal sire to produce fast-growing saleable lambs. Wool and skins are another asset of the breed and can be used to make attractive textiles and garments.


Jacob Sheep